The process of intentionally purchasing ad time or space across a variety of media platforms, including TV, radio, print, digital, and out-of-home (OOH) advertising, is known as media buying. A media buying agency can you help to maximize the impact of your advertising expenditure while reaching your target demographic at the ideal time, location, and with the ideal message. In this article, we will go over Branding Aloha, and why it is the optimal media buying agency.



We cannot emphasize this step enough; without researching your audience and goals, it is almost impossible to launch a successful campaign. When we first meet with a brand or business, the first step we take is looking at the brand in a holistic and analytical way. Being transparent is a crucial part of this process. As part of this discovery process and n order to get a better understanding of your brand and to establish a meaningful relationship, we will ask you the following type questions:

Q: What are your Key Risk and Performance Indicators (KPI’s)?

Q: What are your projected goals for the next 6 – 12 months?

Q: What are the problems/issues you’re looking to get solved/addressed?

Q: How can we help boost conversion rates and average order/lead value?

Q: Has your organization kept your pixels up to date – Has your Facebook pixel been correctly set up for conversion tracking, etc.?

Q: Where are funds being unaccounted for? What are the metrics?


Using the data acquired throughout the discovery phase as a springboard, we develop an insightful consumer profile. In order to build an effective marketing strategy, we must outline the personality qualities of the ideal segment. We use this newly updated customer profile to find patterns between your present clients and potential new ones.  We do this by carefully examining factors such as like what people watch, what drives their purchase decisions, their socioeconomic and financial situation, and the influencers they continuously follow in order to develop a more complete and accurate image of the target audience for your campaign. 

Branding Aloha - Media Buying


Once a successful customer profile has been found, we can start to develop a number of data-based audiences in order to attract new clients. But acquiring new clients is just the beginning – It’s not a one-time deal. As soon as these unique audiences reach our marketing funnel, we start to segment them depending on the precise actions they do with your business, such as adding items to their basket, engaging with an advertisement, visiting your website, as well as the timing of their action. Our Facebook and Instagram advertising business has a wealth of expertise working with this type of data and is skilled at turning it into outcomes. We use that information to painstakingly keep testing and optimizing our lookalike and affinity-based audiences in order to create even more successful consumer profiles to target, which will ultimately help you expand your company to new heights.


Nowadays, everyone wants to be an influencer. And for good reason! Influencers provide an opportunity to be genuine ambassadors for a brand. Before “influencer marketing” became a thing, we were already doing it… We have worked with an extensive roster of social media influencers across industries and have developed a strong long-term relationships. Allow us to guide you and executive your next influencer campaign so you can grow rapidly and generate effective and highly desired content that can be reused across all platforms.


In order to determine which techniques and ad copy designs suit your specific brand and its voice best, we test and refine a wide range of approaches. Since no two brands are the same, they don’t all optimize the same. Custom is the only option. This phase of the process is where our years of expertise really shine. We understand that taking the time to develop the perfect formula for your brand’s secret sauce can be nerve-racking. But believe us when we say it’s worth it. We focus on your specific requirements and work tirelessly to ensure that we can deliver consistent messaging. And once we’ve discovered that sweet spot, we’re ready to scale and help your brand soar.


At the heart of what we do is helping our clients achieve not only profitability, but also exciting growth. Nothing beats seeing your customer base and revenue grow at the same time, and that is our primary goal. But before we take that leap, we make sure that your store or website is optimized and ready to handle the influx of traffic. We take pride in our ability to provide results that truly benefit our clients. So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, let us help you get there – the possibilities for growth are limitless with the right preparation and strategy in place.


However, the media purchasing process does not stop there. Our goal is to create campaigns that can be repeated and scaled up over time, rather than just once. We meticulously evaluate the results of each media purchase and use that information to inform the next cycle, ensuring continuous improvement and better results for your brand. We can achieve even greater growth through the continuous development of new client profiles by combining more purchases with increasingly precise and polished targeting. The possibilities are truly limitless, and we’re excited to assist you in realizing them through our innovative approach to media buying.

Branding Aloha Media Buying


If you want to get the most out of your advertising campaign, media buying is essential. However, navigating the complex world of media buying can be difficult, which is why working with a knowledgeable agency can make all the difference. At Branding Aloha, we are passionate about guiding our clients through the complexities of media buying in order to achieve measurable results.

We’ll collaborate with you to develop a media buying strategy that maximizes your brand’s exposure and return on investment, using our expertise and commitment to excellence. We take pride in being able to stay ahead of the curve and find innovative solutions that truly make a difference. Don’t settle for a mediocre advertising campaign; instead, work with Branding Aloha, the best media buying agency in Hawaii to help you take your brand to the next level.


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