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Branding is how your consumer identifies your specific product, service, or company. But, there is also “personal branding” and this aligns to developing the message people feel when they hear your name. Branding is intangible and has true tangible results that affect your bottom line. It strives to create awareness and recognition in the minds of your consumers. Branding offers a competitive advantage to companies by giving them a unique identity of resonates. Branding is a critical component to building any business, platform, or campaign. Branding builds brand visibility, loyalty and love. 

The process of adding purpose to a specific company, product, person, service or idea to create a positive impact on the consumer’s mind is strategic. It is a strategy created by companies to ensure consumers quickly recall their brand giving them an edge over competitors which leads to brand loyalty and building a community around a brand. The main goal of branding is to attract the target audience and encourage them to trust the company. 



  • The way companies market themselves to gain a competitive advantage is known as corporate branding. They make several critical decisions to achieve this, including setting the company’s vision, mission, pricing policy and values.


  • Commonly known as merchandise branding, this form of branding involves marketing a specific product. The first step of product branding is market research to determine the target market.


  • This type of branding is for services. It generally comprises creative techniques to represent services in a physical manner.


  • Several people use social media platforms to create their persona and boost their brand. This includes posting on social media, sharing pictures and videos, and hosting events. A perfect example of this is Jessica Alba lending her brand to the HONEST company or Khloe Kardashian to Good American. 


Here are some tools used by companies to build a brand:

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  • Brand Objective & Value
  • Brand Identity such as Logo, Brand Design, Voice & Tone
  • Statement of Brand Positioning
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Photography & Videography Preferences
  • Advertising Channels
  • Product and Packaging
  • In-Store Consumer Experience
  • Management’s Working Style
  • Customer Support

Utilizing all of this information, it is very important to then create your specific Brand Guide. This guide will become the foundation, your grounding core in how you move your company forward, in reaching its business goals.


To begin with, a company should determine its desired brand identity and perception. For example, a brand’s logo reflects a company’s vision and slogan. The main objective is to make the brand attractive and recognizable to the consumer.

Organizations generally hire a professional design agency, such as Branding Aloha, to come up with logo ideas and unique font styles for the brand. Your logo is your visual message, it should visually say what the brand’s written statement is. When a brand’s message or feeling clearly comes across its prospective consumer, it enhances brand awareness, value and brand recall. However, if a brand fails to do so, it leads to miscommunication.

A positive feeling between a brand’s prospective consumer results in brand equity and goodwill (brand love). Apple, Microsoft, Ferrari, Meta and Nike are some great examples of highly valued brands.

If done right, branding leads to an increase in sales of not only the specific product being promoted and sold but also of other products offered by the same company. A good brand builds trust in the minds of its consumers. After having a pleasant experience with one product, consumers are more likely to try another product launched by the same brand. This is a true business goal – achieving brand loyalty.


Creating a strong brand value entails several benefits. If branding is successfully done, it results in a positive impression. With the right branding, an organization can translate its message effectively to its customers and generate positive emotions. This helps increase its reach. Thanks to branding, companies can build and maintain excellent relationships with their customers. Moreover, companies can leverage their customer loyalty to increase their user base with positive word of mouth.

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Customers prefer buying goods and services from recognizable and reliable companies. Gradually, with impactful branding, companies can build consumer trust. In this increasingly competitive market, branding helps provide companies with a competitive advantage. The main objective of branding is to keep a positive brand image in the minds of its consumers.

Once consumers remember a brand, it becomes easier for companies to launch new products across different product lines. Since consumers are already used to and trust a brand, they are more likely to purchase new products launched by the same brand, even if they are sold at a premium. Strong customer relationships can make all the difference, and this is possible with branding.

A classic example of branding is Apple. The brand has a large base of loyal customers. Apple users generally neglect the price of its products and instead pay for the value that they derive. Moreover, an iPhone user who is looking for a laptop is likely to buy a MacBook because of brand loyalty. Existing users also upgrade to the newly launched products in the same category.


  • Branding is an intangible concept that encourages people to identify a particular product, service, organization or person
  • Logos, taglines and slogans are just a part of the branding and not the whole; they’re tools that promote a brand
  • Brand equity is one of the most valuable assets of a company
  • Brands can be safeguarded with registered trademarks
  • Any company, product, person or service can be a type of brand
  • With successful branding, companies can attract relevant customers
  • Branding helps build a loyal customer base by encouraging brand retention
  • Branding offers a competitive edge to the company
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Set your company, your brand, and your message apart from your competition and get the attention of your ideal customers. Your brand should encompass specific and long-term goals and if done strategically will be the foundation of your growth. Contact the best branding agency in Hawaii – Branding Aloha is happy to provide insightful branding strategies.


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